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Aftercare Advice


Please note: some slight soreness, small bumps and redness are common and temporary reactions - especially if this is your first wax. These symptoms should subside within 24 - 48 hours. Should these symptoms persist, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Keep the waxed area clean, and avoid heat and friction over the next 24 - 48 hours. 

This includes:

  • No hot baths/showers (lukewarm water only)

  • No sauna, hot tubs, massage or steam treatments

  • No tanning (sunbeds/sunbathing/fake tan)

  • No strenuous exercise - Avoid swimming

  • Avoid scratching or touching the area with unwashed hands

  • Wear clean, loose fitting clothing

  • Do not apply deodorants, perfume, lotions or other products to the area.

  • To soothe and protect the skin, an antiseptic cream can be applied to the waxed area for three days post treatment

  • To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate the waxed areas 2-3 times a week (starting 3 days post treatment)

  • Moisturise daily to keep the skin supple and help new hairs grow through normally

  • You may notice some regrowth in between appointments, this is because it can take up to four treatments for your hairs to get on a growth cycle that gives optimum results

  • Please avoid saving between appointments - this can affect the hair growth cycles

  • I recommend repeat treatments every 4 - 6 weeks

Lash and Brow Treatments

A patch test is required 48 hours or more prior to having LVL Lashes, HD Brows, Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting. If you are a contact lens wearer, please ensure you remove them prior to the treatment and be aware that it is advised that you should not wear them for the rest of the day. 


  • Do not get your lashes wet for the first 48 hours post treatment - avoid steam, saunas and swimming. It is also worth avoiding the gym/heavy exercise for the first 24 hours 

  • For tinted lashes, avoid strong sunlight/UV light for the first 24 hours

  • Try not to rub/touch your eye area, especially when washing or cleansing your face. This is recommended for 24 - 48 hours post treatment 

  • Post treatment, avoid sleeping on your front or side, so that your lashes do no get disturbed whilst they set in place. This is recommended for 24 - 48 hours post treatment 

  • Do not use eyelash curlers as they can be harsh on your natural lashes

  • Avoid oil-based makeup or makeup remover

  • Avoid wearing eye makeup or receiving any other eye treatments for 24 - 48 hours post treatment 

  • Minimum time between LVL Lash treatments is 8 weeks - please ensure all lashes have lost the previous lift prior to arranging another appointment


  • Avoid rubbing or touching the treatment area for 48 hours 

  • Avoid contact with direct sunlight and the use of sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 48 hours post treatment

  • FOR THREE DAYS EITHER SIDE OF YOUR TREATMENT AVOID: Exfoliating (acid and scrubs), Anti-ageing and Fake Tanning Products

  • Avoid heavy makeup application to the treatment area for the rest of the day

  • Please do not tweeze/pluck your brows between appointments

  • Please contact me if you experience any problems post treatment. Including: prolonged swelling, an itchy rash, bruising, any kind of skin grazing, cuts or tearing of the skin so that I can advise the best treatment 

  • HD Brows treatments are recommended every 4- 6 weeks 


  • Avoid rubbing the eyes/eye area

  • Avoid heat treatments or sunbathing or 24 - 48 hours post treatment as this fades the tint

  • Avoid putting contact lenses back in for the rest of the day

  • Although I make sure every trace of dye is removed, it is possible some residue may remain

  • Do not apply makeup or receive any other eye treatments for 24 - 48 hours post treatment

  • I recommend an Eyelash/Eyebrow Tint every 4-6 weeks

  • Please be aware, Eyebrow Tint can fade quicker than an Eyelash Tint, tinting the brows darker can help it to last longer

Manicure and Pedicure

Please get in touch with any questions that are not answered in the aftercare below. 


  • Wear protective gloves when gardening or doing housework 

  • Apply hand cream and cuticle oil twice daily

  • Avoid the use of harsh soaps

  • Use acetone free nail polish remover 

  • Use a Base Coat to prevent staining and a Top Coat to prevent the polish chipping

  • Treat your nails with care - remember they are jewels not tools!

  • Regular manicures are recommended every 2 - 4 weeks 


  • Avoid picking had skin and nails

  • Open toe shoes are advisable

  • Use foot cream and cuticle oil daily 

  • The use of a pumice stone/block/foot file can be used between treatments to help keep hard skin to a minimum

  • Use acetone free polish remover - ensure base and top coats are used if re-polishing the nails 

  • Ensure feet are properly dried to help prevent irritation - talc/other drying products can also be used to help dry the moisture between the toes

  • Regular pedicures are recommended every 4 -6 weeks 


In addition to following the Manicure/Pedicure Aftercare Advice, please also:

  • Use CND Solar Oil twice daily

  • DO NOT pick/peel your Shellac off - this will result in nail damage including, weak, splitting, peeling and breakages

  • Please return to the salon for professional removal - this is £12 and includes a mini manicure/pedicure

  • Products that contain LANOLIN or DEET can cause Shellac to lift - some products are: sunscreen, insect repellent, cleaning and gardening products - please be aware of this and wear gloves where possible

  • Always wash your hands after you've applied the following products: sunscreen, tinted lotions/fake tans, insect repellents, coloured hair products - Some makes contain ingredients that will impair your Shellac colour, possibly causing it to discolour, fade or weaken

  • Avoid intense heat on the nails for 24 hours post application - hot bath/shower, sauna, steam, sunbathing - the heat can cause Shellac to peel

  • Over exposure to UV Rays and Chlorine can cause the colour to fade

  • Swimming and regular heat treatments can also affect the longevity of Shellac 

  • CND Shellac will last for up to 14 days - longer can be expected from Shellac application to the toe nails  


Please ask for a detailed homecare plan tailored to your skin type and lifestyle.

  • Increase water intake 

  • Avoid wearing makeup for the rest of the day 

  • Avoid further facial treatments for a least 7 days post treatment 

  • Avoid heat treatments - e.g. sauna, steam, hot showers/baths - and swimming for 24 - 48 hours post treatment

  • Avoid the use of sunbeds

  • Avoid Facial Waxing, Electrolysis, Laser or IPL for at least 24 hours post treatment 

  • Avoid UV exposure and aim to wear an SPF 15 or higher

  • Avoid using other products for the rest of the day unless advised 

  • Do not use an exfoliating product for at least 4 days post treatment 

  • Always ensure you are removing make up at the end of the day 

  • A facial will only get you so far - a good homecare routine will help you achieve the best results

  • Regular facials are recommended every 4 weeks


In addition to following the Facials Aftercare Advice, please also:

It is worth being aware that you may notice for a few days after a MONU Resurface and Peel Treatment, that the skin can seem dryer, tighter and possibly the odd breakout can be noticed. 

All of these symptoms are normal and are not cause for concern.

For best results, a course of treatments should be undertaken, most usually 1 treatment a week for 6 weeks, then once a month to maintain. However, if treating Acne, Pigmentation and Scarring, this can take longer depending on the individual case. 

  • Avoid Facial Waxing, Electrolysis, Laser or IPL for 7 - 14 days post treatment  

  • Avoid the use of sunbeds/sunbathing as this can lead to skin damage including, burns pigmentation or sensitivity

  • Apply an SPF 15 or above and reapply throughout the day - PLEASE BE AWARE: Foundation is NOT an adequate SPF and should not be used in place of a broad spectrum sunscreen 

  • It is strongly recommended that the appropriate MONU homecare should be used to ensure maximum results within the skin

  • No other peel or exfoliation treatments should be undertaken whilst you are having a course of the Resurface and Peel Treatment - if you are not having a course please do not have any other peel or exfoliation treatments for 7 - 14 days

Body Treatments

Please ask for details of recommended treatment plans/homecare to support the effects of the below treatments.


Contra Actions

  • Erythema (Redness 1 - 2 Hours)

  • Lethargy

  • Headache

  • Nausea

  • Heightened Emotions

  • Muscle Aches 


  • Increase water intake

  • Relax and avoid strenuous exercise

  • Avoid physical exercise for 24 hours post treatment

  • Muscles can feel sore/bruised post treatment for up to 48 hours

  • Avoid rich, heavy and spicy food - light meals are best - for the rest of the day

  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants - e.g. tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, energy drinks

  • Avoid UV rays for the rest of the day - the skin will be more sensitive following a massage 

  • Leave the oils on the skin for as long as possible post treatment 

  • Avoid heat treatments - saunas, steam, hot bath/shower - for 24 hours post treatment 


Contra Actions 

  • Increase or decrease in energy

  • Erythema (Redness 1 - 2 Hours)

  • Muscle fatigue 

  • Healing Crisis: runny nose, headache, aching, tired, nausea, fainting


  • For 24 - 48 hours: Avoid further heat treatments (including sunbathing/sunbeds) and strenuous exercise

  • Increase water intake 

  • Avoid heavy meals

  • Ensure you rest post treatment

  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods - this will aid the kidneys with the elimination of toxins 


  • Positive energy exercise are recommended as they compliment Hot Stone Massage - e.g. yoga, meditation, pilates

  • Breathing exercises are recommended to aid relaxation

  • Body brushing is recommended daily to help boost circulation

  • Relaxation products - e.g. lavender oil, scented candles, bath salts, etc - will help aid the relaxation benefits of the treatment


Contra Actions 

  • Increase or decrease in energy

  • Emotional release 

  • Healing crisis: runny nose, headache, aching, tired, nausea, fainting


  • Rest

  • Increase water intake

  • Avoid toxins/stimulants - rich/heavy foods, coffee, alcohol

  • Try to keep the oil in your hair for as long as possible - it will help nourish the hair and scalp

  • To remove the oil: add shampoo to the hair dry, add small amounts of water to work into a lather, rinse, shampoo and condition the hair as usual

  • Treatment is recommended 1x weekly for a course of 6 treatments, however this can be tailored to suit your lifestyle and needs


  • Follow advise above for Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage

  • Do not use exfoliation products for at least 4 days post treatment

  • Moisturise daily

  • Avoid heat treatments (saunas, steam, hot baths/showers) for 24 - 48 hours post treatment 

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