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Lycon Wax is used for all waxing treatments. Hot Wax is used for intimate areas, underarms, lip and chin. HD Wax is used for Eyebrow Waxing.

  • Full Leg Wax Inc Bikini Line - £26

  • 3/4 Leg Wax - £20

  • 1/2 Leg Wax (Knee to Ankle) - £14

  • Bikini Line (Removes hair from the crease of the leg only) - £12

  • G-String (Removes hair from the crease of the leg, high top and sides) - £16

  • Brazilian (Removes hair from the front and back leaving a landing strip) - £29

  • Hollywood (Removes all pubic hair from the front and back) - £32

  • Underarms - £10

  • Eyebrows - £8

  • Upper Lip - £8

  • Chin - £8

  • Forearm - £12

  • Full Arm - £16

  • Eyebrows, Upper Lip and Chin - £14

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Waxing Pre-Care

Please also follow this advise for all Brow treatments.

  • Please check for signs of broken skin/inflammation in the area(s) to be waxed. It is wise to delay a waxing treatment until the skin has healed.

  • If you use skincare products that contain retinol, it is advisable to temporarily stop using them two weeks prior to your appointment. Retinol-based products make the skin vulnerable to injury, especially during a waxing treatment. 

  • if you have been prescribed Roaccutane, waxing cannot go ahead until 6 months after you've finished the treatment. 

  • Allow hairs to grow, but not too long or short. Ideally, wait two to three weeks or until the hair is a quarter of an inch before scheduling a waxing appointment.

  • Exfoliate prior to your appointment. One/Two days prior is ideal. Use a gentle exfoliator to avoid breaking the skin.

  • Moisturise in the days leading up to your appointment. Well hydrated skin allows for the wax to release more easily and with less pain. If your appointment is in the evening, you can moisturise on the morning of your appointment. If your appointment is in the morning please avoid moisturising using any heavy products/oils.

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